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Beautiful Tiles


  • I’m interested in your book! Can you send me a free copy?
    I’m so glad to hear you’re interested in my book. Unfortunately due to the cost of shipping, I don’t give out physical copies. However, if you’d like free eBooks I’d urge you to follow me on my social media and join my Newsletter because I open applications for my Street Team and look for ARC readers. If you are able, my books are available to be requested at any and all local libraries.
  • Will you have hardbacks for your books?
    As of right now I have no plans to have my work in Hardback format.
  • How many books will be in the Rancho Los Corazones series?
    There will be 5 or 6 books total in the whole series and each book will follow one of the Aguila-Gutierrez members.
  • How many books will be in Los Diablos MC series?
    As of right now, I have around 8 books planned in the MC series. Give or take a few.
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