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Man with Tattoos

Los diablos Motorcycle Club

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My whole life has been riddled with nothing but bad luck, especially when it comes to jobs.

I can never seem to hold anything down, and the truth is, nobody wants to work with someone as volatile and angry as me.

But to take care of my family, I need money, and when the opportunity arises to work the front desk at Devil’s Ink, the local Motorcycle Club’s tattoo shop, I’ll do everything I can to not mess this up. It doesn’t matter that there are rumors of darkness and blood surrounding Los Diablos MC. Or that my dangerous new boss doesn’t think I can do the job. Or that his hungry eyes follow me every step of the way, inciting a lust for someone I can never be with, someone who hates everything about me.

I guess if there’s one thing they’re about to find out, it’s that violence never scared me anyway.

Only the best work at Devil’s Ink and Xiomara is anything but. With a reputation like hers, I knew she was sure to fail within the week.

I never expected that her steely determination to prove me wrong would result in a lust I don’t need or want. I’m her boss. She’s my employee. Anything between us is bound to end in disaster.

That doesn’t stop my gaze from going over her body. Or obsessing over her laughter. Or wanting my ink tattooed on her skin.

I try to tell myself that my lifestyle is too dangerous for someone like her. And when the violence and blood of my MC touches her perfect skin, I know I’ll do anything to protect her from it.

I guess she’ll see for herself how many souls a Diablo can reap for his woman.

Ink is a semi-dark contemporary Motorcycle Club Romance novella and is technically book 0.5 in the Los Diablos MC series. This book contains scenes and situations that may not be suitable for all readers. Please check the content warnings before picking up.

Content Notes:

- Gang violence

- Mentions of cartels

- Violence, gore, death

- Strict/abusive mother

- Guns, drugs, alcohol consumption

- Slut shaming, misogyny, machismo 

- Kidnapping

- Spoken threat of sexual assault (though none occurs)

- Mention of past sexual harassment

- Tattoos, needles

Book 0.5


My life has always revolved around three things.
Brotherhood, violence, and women.
As a member of Los Diablos MC, blood follows me wherever I go. As the Vice President, it’s my job to keep a level head and make sure everything goes according to plan.
Being a single father to a five year old I’ve never met was never a part of the plan.
Balancing a life of crime and caring for a child I’m getting to know isn’t easy, but I’ll do everything it takes to be the father Zeke deserves. I’ll take everything life throws at me and more, but the one thing I never expected was the wrath of my son’s fearsome, beautiful teacher. Or the almost desperate desire to claim her as mine.



I’ve always prided myself on one rule: don’t get involved with my students’ parents.
Something that should have been fairly easy to accomplish changes with the arrival of my adorable new student and his sexy biker father.
The man is infuriating, clueless, and too flirtatious for his own good.
I should have followed my own rule.
But Miguel paints a promise of seduction and danger that’s hard to ignore. And when my life is threatened by their vicious rivals, I find myself swept up in the violent world of Los Diablos, fearing not only for my life, but for my heart.

Miguel is a semi-dark contemporary Motorcycle Club Romance novel and is book 1 in the Los Diablos MC series. This book contains scenes and situations that may not be suitable for all readers. Please check the content warnings before picking up.

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Content Notes:

  • Descriptive violence (on and off page)

  • Gang violence (on and off page)

  • Mentions of cartels

  • Mentions of prostitution

  • Gore (on page)

  • Misogyny (on page)

  • Machismo (on page)

  • Death (on page)

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Guns (the usage of and the illegal sale of)

  • Drug consumption

  • Kidnapping (on page)

  • Child neglect resulting in hearing loss/deafness (off page, though the subject of hearing loss and deafness and the reason behind it comes up at a doctor’s appointment in Chapter #)

  • The threat of sexual assault (Chapter #)

  • Tattoos

  • Ableism and ableist language used against deaf side characters

Book 1

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